Overcoming Barriers to International Business Expansion


Nothing is as exciting as watching your business expanding from local level to international one. It is now very much possible, thanks to the digital presence that you can have. The simple website that you make can give your audience a way to enter into your business and order to for the services. You will not even have to step outside your room or office and you will be making sales in the other part of the world.

Nevertheless, it is not simple to launch your product globally by setting up a website and adding a feature to get your website translated into several languages. International Business Expansion remains a tough challenge despite the fact that you have made your product or service digitally visible worldwide.

Some of the barriers that come in the way of small businesses are worth mentioning here.

Culture and language

To sell your product in a country other than yours, you don’t need to have complete grasp over the language, culture and history of that country. But it doesn’t mean that you can ignore these factors entirely. You will have to have basic knowledge about the language, culture and overall shopping trends of a country in order to target an audience from it.

Luckily, you don’t have to spend money and travel to a country in order to get to know about the factors mentioned above. Online analytical tools such as SEMRush can help to have deeper insight of the shopping trends of any locality. Language and history are the factors that you can learn about while sitting in your room.

Building a business network

Without proper representation, you will not be able to get valuable leads from a market of any potential. With that said, having your website’s location based pages and social media pages being controlled by the individuals with deeper market knowhow is something whose importance cannot be denied. Without these partners, you will not be able to get discovered by the audience you want to target.

The appropriate solution to this issue is to find links in the particular locality whose audience attracts you. Those links, the people you know, will help you find marketing partners and influencers in the area. Using information provided by those people, you can tune your marketing campaign according the requirement of that particular audience.

Estimated costs

Making a cost estimate, while getting inspiration from a large business, can do enough to discourage you. What you need to keep in mind is that you currently do not have resources to that much extent, and that you will have to manage the expenditures in smart way. One of the more costly aspects of business expansion is associated with the shipping and logistics. It might be hurtful to see that you struggle to even deal with the costs of packaging supplies and cardboard boxes.

The best way you can deal with this problem is to negotiate with the shipping company. Good news is that major shipping carriers offer special packages for the start-up businesses. You can contact those companies or meet their representatives to discuss specifically about your business status and ask for appropriate solution.


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